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How does one go about making a copy? My approach has always been that I only copy flutes that I have measured and documented myself, as some of the finer details of an instrument, such as voicing and undercutting, cannot be easily described by a technical drawing.
I often make silicon mouldings of the em-bouchure and tone holes of an original, and will try to use the same tools as the original maker used in order to get similarly shaped undercutting when creating a copy back at the workshop.

However, making a good replica isn’t just about copying, as historical instruments will often have some degree of bore shrinkage or wood warping, which is almost unavoidable in an instrument aged 300 years or more.

When making a copy, one often has to make a educated guess about how to compensate for such changes. The main point for me, however, is to try and uncover the concept behind an original and the idea of voicing and tuning that a maker in the 16th or 18th century would have had. instruments p.2

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