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This has helped me to better understand the originals I copy, in terms of internal tuning, range and sound colour, and has greatly contributed to improving my instruments.

In the year 2000-2001 I was engaged in research on romantic flutes and focused on the work of the Viennese woodwind workshop of Stephan Koch (fl. 1807-1828).
During the following years I examined and measured a great number of flutes made by the Koch workshop, and was able to establish guidelines for dating them, as well as learn about their special playing characteristics.

In the summer of 2004 I moved back to Israel, where I worked in the beautiful and inspiring town of Jaffa. After five wonderfull years in Israel I moved again, this time to Canada. I now live and work in Montreal, Quebec.

I am still traveling abroad for exhibitions, see coming exhibitions for more information.

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