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It is highly recommended to give your flute a little check up after the first year, as this is when the flute changes the most. Often the wood has shrunk a bit while playing in and the flute will need to be re-reamed. This is also the best time to do final fine adjustments to the sound and to the intonation, if necessary.

I will do this free of charge, all you need to is come and visit me, or post the flute to me. The check-up itself doesn’t take longer then a few hours, and the flute can be sent back within a week. Please come back to me with any other problems you have with your instrument.
Wood is a live material subject to many changes. I try to do the best I can to minimize these changes by seasoning the wood I use for a long time before it becomes a flute; however, the instrument will keep on changing even after it leaves my workshop. If playing in is done gradually and in the recommended way, the flute will slowly open up and its sound will improve. On the other hand, if it is played in too quickly, cracks and warping of the wood may occur. Please read carefully through the care and maintenance instructions (download pdf).

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