Renaissance flutes

Instrument boxwood maple, plum,
pear or cherry
Consort instruments after Bassano or Schnitzer
(see links for more information about available pitches)
Descant in g' or a' $850 $700
Tenor in d' $1180 $925
Bass in g' $1800 $1525
Medieval flute, a' = 440/465
in maple, plum cherry or pear with horn rings
Descant in g'   $750
Tenor in d'   $975
Seventeenth-century model after Lissieu
a' = 460 or 465
extra lower body part for 460 or 465   $400

Baroque flutes

Instrument price
Three part model after P. Naust
Paris, ca. 1700
Four part model after P. Naust ("missing link")
Paris, ca. 1710
Four part model after P. Naust
Paris, ca. 1725
After T. Lot
Paris, ca. 1740
After A. Grenser
Dresden, 1796
After T. Stanesby Jr.
London, ca. 1730
Flute d'amour after J. van Heerde
Amsterdam,ca. 1740
After J.-J. Tortochot
Paris, ca. 1780
Baroque bass flute after T.Lot
Paris, ca. 1750
Baroque piccolo after I.H. Rottenburg
Brussels, ca. 1740
Extra middle joint for any of the above models.$410
Natural black horn rings for any of the above models. $100
Various exotic woods such as rosewood, kingwood,
coral wood and lingnum vitae are available for the above models.

Please inquire price and availability.

Keyed flutes

Instrument price
4 Keyed, after H. Grenser
Dresden, ca. 1805
8 Keyed, after H. Grenser
Dresden, ca. 1805
Extra d foot joint for the H. Grenser 8 key $600
After S. Koch
Vienna, ca. 1820
After T. Boehm
Munich, ca. 1828

Flute cases

Case price
3 pocket baroque flute case
copied after an original eighteenth-century case,
hand crafted, in Moroccan leather
$ 160
5 pocket
same as above
Renaissance flute cases
Consort, bass or three tenor case
Prices are in US$, please read my terms and conditions (pdf) before submitting an order.