Restoring historical woodwinds

Years of experience researching and restoring original instruments has brought me to respect and appreciate past makers’ craftsmanship and ability. When restoring an instrument I try to do the minimum amount necessary in order to bring the instrument back to playing condition, using, as much as possible, reversible and historically-informed methods of work.

I offer restoration service for all woodwinds: recorders, flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons.
Among the more common tasks performed during restorations are repairing cracks, replacing broken ivory rings and completing or replacing missing keys, springs and pads. When working on museum instruments or instruments of great historical value, a restoration report is prepared.

I also try to use original materials for replacing missing or broken parts: Pre-convention elephant ivory for ivory parts (carefully stained to look similar to the other ivory rings on the instruments) and well-seasoned wood for use on broken wooden parts.