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Flute cases

All flutes come with a free soft case (and a hard case with the romantic flutes). For those who are looking for more protection or ease of carrying I have developed some special cases.

Renaissance flute cases
These were developed in order to replace the array of architect’s tubes, pvc pipes and poster rolls we have all collected during our careers as professional renaissance flute players. They are made of water-resistant padded Cordura material, and are available in three different versions:

  1. A a rectangulare three tenor case
  2. a round consort case, made to house a consort of about 6 instruments (1 bass, 4 tenors and a descant) inside their original cloth sleeves  
  3. a single bass case
Baroque flute cases
replica of an original leather case in the collection of the Gemeente museum in the Hague.
This case appears to belong to a traverso made by the Dutch maker P. Borkens. It is made of soft Moroccan leather and its five compartments fit a flute with two extra middle joints.

The copy I offer is either with three compartments, for a flute with no extra middle joints, or with five compartments for a flute with two extra middle joints. Cases are hand made of red Morrocan leather.

Care & maintenance

Wood is a live material subject to many changes. I try to do the best I can to minimize these changes by seasoning the wood I use for a long time before it becomes a flute; however, the instrument will keep on changing even after it leaves my workshop.

If playing in is done gradually and in the recommended way, the flute will slowly open up and its sound will improve. On the other hand, if it is played in too quickly, cracks and warping of the wood may occur. Please read carefully through the care and maintenance instructions (download  pdf).
It is highly recommended to give your flute a little check up after the first year, as this is when the flute changes the most. Often the wood has shrunk a bit while playing in and the flute will need to be re-reamed. This is also the best time to do final fine adjustments to the sound and to the intonation, if necessary.

I will do this free of charge, all you need to is come and visit me, or post the flute to me. The check-up itself doesn’t take longer then a few hours, and the flute can be sent back within a week. Please come back to me with any other problems you have with your instrument.

Fingering charts

renaissance flute
fingering chart (pdf)

baroque flute
fingering chart based on Quantz (pdf)

Fingering chart for the Koch flute from Bayr’s 1823 method (jpg)


"Renaissance Transverse Flutes:
A Re-examination of the Surviving Istruments"

in Musique de Joye, Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Renaissance Flute and Recorder Consort, Utrecht 2003.
During the printing process, the appendix of my article (list of surviving renaissance flutes) was unfortunately omitted by mistake. Click here to download the missing apendix in pdf format.

Order a copy of 'Musique de Joye' here

"The Renaissance Flute in Mixed Ensembles - Surviving Instruments, Pitches and Performance Practice"

Early Music, May 2006. A pdf version of the article is available here.

“Musicalischer Seelen-Lust: The use of Traverso in German Seventeenth Century Sacred Concerti.” pdf
Geschichte, Bauweise und Spieltechnik der Querflote, Michaelstein 2006.  pdf

Reconstructing the "fifres" of the Grande Écurie”(Music at the Grande Écuri” eroject in Basel, 2007-2009)

Terms & conditions

Waiting time
I try to have most of the renaissance and baroque models in stock, although this is not always possible for all models, types of wood and pitches. If the model you want to order is not in stock, there is a waiting time of six to eight months, depending on how busy it gets in the workshop and on the type of instrument ordered.

If the instrument is not immediately available, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total value of the instrument (including extras such as head or middle joints) is required in order to secure the order. The rest of the payment is due when the instrument is ready.

The deposit will not be refunded in the event of the cancellation of the order, but it can be credited toward the purchase of another one of my flutes within one year of the cancellation date.

Payments can be done one of the following methods: bank transfer, e-transfer (in Canada) or through PayPal. There is a 3% charge of your total order for using Paypal. When the order is placed you will receive an invoice for the payment, which includes all relevant bank details for international transfers. In any case, payment must be completed before the instrument is delivered.

What is included with the flute?
Baroque and renaissance flutes come in a soft cloth case, while romantic flutes come in a hard case.
I usually use FedEx express for international shipping. While it is much more expensive than normal mail, it is the only way for me to send the instrument insured for its full value. Postal costs are not included in the price of the instrument, and will be added in the final invoice.

If played in carefully over time and handled correctly, a wooden flute should serve its owner well for a very long time and will only improve with age. I offer a lifetime guarantee for the instruments that I make, on the condition that they are handled properly, as specified in the care and maintenance instructions. I recommend sending the instrument in for a free check-up at about a year into its life. This check-up includes fine-tuning, re-reaming and voicing, as necessary.

This guarantee does not include the repair of cracks or damage caused to the instrument by improper handling and physical accidents. In any case, I highly recommend bringing the instrument back to me for any repairs even if they are not within the guarantee.

Prices on my price list do not include Value Added Taxes. Flutes sold within Canada are charged GST and QST depending on the province the buyer resides in.

Click here to download the pdf version of terms and conditions
Don't forget to send back your flute for
a free one-year checkup


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