T. Lot

The Thomas Lot model is a based on an original found in the collection of the Gemeente Museum, The Hague. Lot had a thriving workshop which was active in Paris from 1734 until his death in 1787. His instruments were sold all over Europe, and professional flutists, such as Blavet, Boismortier and Dejardin, played on his instruments. The original in The Hague can be dated to an early stage in Lot's career, probably around 1740. This model is available with interchangeable middle joints for A=398Hz and A=415Hz (as per the original in The Hague) as well as an A=392Hz joint after a similar original in the Bate collection in Oxford.
As Thomas Lot was a successor of the Naust workshop, one can see how this original is a continuation of the workshop’s earlier four-part instruments. The external dimensions and some parts of the bore are almost identical to the late Naust and Delerablé flutes, although they differ greatly with regards to voicing and undercutting.

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