T. Stanesby

My Stanesby copies are based on two instruments in a private collection in Frankfurt, made by the English maker Thomas Stanesby Junior. Stanesby Junior was active in London from before 1713 until his death at the age of 62 in 1754. He started his career in his father's workshop (Thomas Stanesby Senior) and soon become an independent maker of all types of woodwinds: recorders, flutes, oboes and bassoons. The famous contra-bassoons used for the London performance of Handel's Water Music were made by him. His trade card of 1728 reads: "Stanesby Jun. In the Temple Exchange Fleet Street, London. Makes to the greatest Perfection, all sorts of musical instruments. In Ivory or fine wood; Plain, after a very neat manner or curiously Adorn 'd with Gold, Silver, Ivory &c. Necessary to preserve them; approv'd and recommended by the best masters in Europe. Sold as above and no where else."
As advertised, Stanesby Junior's surviving instruments do indeed display masterful craftsmanship and ingenious design. Of the two instruments on which I based my copy, one is in ivory with very elegantly turned silver rings, the other is made of Lignum Vitea or Violet wood with beautifully turned wide ivory rings.

This model is available at A=415 in grenadille, lignum vitae and other exotic woods.