A. Grenser

The Grenser copy is based an original in the Gemeente museum, The Hague, made by the German maker August Grenser and stamped 1796. Grenser was active between 1744 and 1798 in Dresden, during this period the design of the flutes made in his workshop evolved, passing though several phases. This particular original, dating from a late period in his life, is of his last models, and continued to be used by his nephew, Heinrich Grenser, who took over the workshop when August died. Heinrich Grenser added from four to eight keys to his uncle's basic design.
This model is perfect for playing the music of Mozart and Haydn, although its full tone and the quality of its low register will also allow you to play Baroque music, especially when playing with an orchestra or in big halls. It is available in pitches A= 415, 417, 422, 430, 434 and 440.

An alternative 'look' for this model with horn rings.