Three-part Naust

This model is the earliest Baroque flute that I copy. It is made in three parts, in the style of the so-called "Hotteterre" flute. The original, found in the Musikinstrumenten Museum in Berlin, is one of four surviving three-part Naust flutes, the other three of which are found in museums in St. Petersburg, in Paris and in Vermillion, SD. This rare original is in excellent condition and is inspiring both musically and visually. It has an older type embouchure, which is oval and has the longest dimension in the blowing direction (much like the embouchure of a renaissance flute).
This type of instrument is ideal for playing French repertoire of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries: Lully, Charpentier, Hotteterre, Marais, de la Barre and others.

The Naust flute is available in boxwood at the original pitch (A=398Hz) or at A=392Hz.