H. Grenser

My Heinrich Grenser model is based on an original in the Stockholm Musikmuseet. It is a perfectly preserved instrument in almost “new” condition, in its original box. It is made of flamed boxwood with three corp de rechanges marked “1”,”2” and “3” (for pitches A=428, 430 and 435Hz) and brass keys.

The instrument dates from about 1810 at the height of Heinrich Grenser’s career, when he was appointed official court maker, and employed about four or five journymen in his shop. The shop’s inventory, made after his death in 1813 lists seven (!) lathes, 120 turning chisels, and reamers for making flutes, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, and even serpents.
The shop must have had a considerable manufacturing capability. My humble shop with its two lathes and one part-time “journyman” is much smaller in comparison. All this attests to the Grenser workshop’s extreme popularity and success at the time. Even today a Grenser copy is the “go to” instrument for classical and early romantic music, especially for German repertoire.

I offer this model in three different key configurations: A full eight key flute (C, Bb, G#, Fx2, Eb, low C# and C) based on the Stockholm original, a four-key (Bb, G#, F, Eb)or a one-keyed version, based on several other originals in private collections. Available in boxwood with brass keys, or ebony with silver keys at A=428, 430, 435 and 440Hz.