Schnitzer consort

The Schnitzer flutes are copied after three originals in the Biblioteca Capitolare in Verona. The library, which belongs to the city cathedral, owns a small collection of instruments, all of which are known to have been donated to the cathedral in 1631. Among these are eight renaissance traversos, three of them (two tenors and a bass), marked with the brand mark "AA". This mark is attributed to either Sigmund or Arsazius Schnitzer, both of whom belonged to the Schnitzer family of woodwind and brass instrument makers, active in Nuremberg. Although it was donated relatively late to the Cathedral, the instruments can probably be dated to the second quarter of the sixteenth century. The originals play at A=428 and are made in maple.
I have scaled them up to play at 440, keeping all of the measurements in proportion so that the copy will be as close to the original as possible. This model has a slightly larger bore then the Bassano instruments and a unique embouchure which is overcut to enhance the volume and response of the instrument. This special overcut, masterfully executed, is found on all three instruments and is, in my opinion, original. Copies are available in maple and in a variety of fruit-woods: pear, plum or cherry. The bass is made with two horn rings as is the original.

I offer complete consorts (a or g descants, d tenor, G bass) at 440 and 428.